All-Inclusive Podcast Management – Yearly

$24,999.99 / year



Description: Comprehensive service covering all aspects of podcasting from production to promotion. Ideal for serious podcasters and businesses committed to maximizing their podcast’s potential without the day-to-day management.


Podcast Edit & Publish Power Pack: Professional editing and publishing to ensure your podcast sounds great and is distributed across all major platforms.
Podcast Launchpad: Complete setup service for new podcasts to start your podcasting journey on the right foot.
Monthly Strategy & Coaching Membership: Ongoing support to grow your audience and improve content quality through strategy sessions and coaching.
Social Media Supercharge: Boost your podcast’s presence on social media with custom graphics, episode snippets, and promotional campaigns.

Total Value: When combined, the services offer a total value of over $3000, providing comprehensive support for all your podcasting needs.

Brief Overviews of Included Packages:

Podcast Edit & Publish Power Pack: Ensures your podcast episodes are professionally edited, removing any audio imperfections, and published with SEO-optimized descriptions for maximum reach.
Podcast Launchpad: This foundational service sets up your podcast for success from day one, handling everything from the technical setup to the creative direction of your first three episodes.
Monthly Strategy & Coaching Membership: Provides you with the expert advice and guidance needed to navigate the podcasting landscape successfully, helping you to continually engage your audience and grow your listener base.
Social Media Supercharge: Takes the hassle out of promoting your podcast on social media, offering a full suite of services designed to enhance your online presence and draw listeners to your podcast.

Process Overview:
Combines the Podcast Edit & Publish Power Pack, Podcast Launchpad, Monthly Strategy & Coaching Membership, and Social Media Supercharge into one streamlined service.


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