Privacy Policy

Hey there

If you’re reading this, you’re probably debating whether to enter your name and email in a form that popped up just now.

Usually companies have some phrasing about how “we will never sell your information”. But another concern is: am I getting signed up for some kind of mailing list?

And the answer is: no.

We don’t use mailing lists.

Fact is, we’re not really fond of mailing lists. We don’t use them.

There are great ones out there that get the job done, and email at scale. But you’re probably already subscribed to about 100 mailing lists already.

And how many of them do you actually read?

We communicate one-on-one

While we do want to keep up with folks who’ve expressed interest in us, we do it on a 1-1 basis. Every email you get from us is written by us, for you.

No fooling.

That’s one way distinguishes ourselves from everyone else. Our correspondence is from us, to you, and we’ll only ever send or ask about things you find relevant.

We’ve got some Secret Sauce that we use to know when and why to email you though, but we always do so with your interests in mind. And not in a super-frequent pesky way.

Still thinking?

If you’re still debating about entering that contact info, we totally think you should, and there is no risk to doing so.

Hope to see you up ahead, friend.

Michael Fritzius
Founder of