We have a growing number of services, from individual activities to boost listenership, all the way to full service management of a brand new podcast. We’ve got you covered with a white glove approach that you’ll love.

Premium Services

All-Inclusive Podcast Management – Monthly

$2,499.99 / month

All-Inclusive Podcast Management – Yearly

$24,999.99 / year

Revenue Share Options

All-Inclusive Podcast Management with Revenue Share – Yearly

$14,999.99 / year

All-Inclusive Podcast Management with Revenue Share – Monthly

$1,499.99 / month

Fun Stuff

Want to increase your sound quality AND have an interesting conversation starter? Check out our Handmade Pop Filters made exclusively by Amelia!


Get The Book!

The Book on how to use a podcast to boost your business – and not in the way you think! Learn how the medium strengthens relationships and turns casual conversations into conversions (and then clients).


Extra Services

Social Media Supercharge

$749.99 / month

Strategy and Coaching Membership

$599.99 / month

Podcast Edit and Publish Power-Pack

$749.99 / month

Episode Editing – Set of 10


Single Episode Editing