Has podcasting become a job?

Remember why you started podcasting?

All the new people you’d meet, and the chance to convert some of them into fans, supporters and clients?

If your podcast is getting those results, but managing it is a slog, that’s where we can help.

We get podcasts. And we get them to the next level, while freeing up your time.

This is it!


Has your podcast plateaued or plonked? Bring the excitement back and turn it into the business boosting juggernaut that it can be.

We’ll show you how. Here’s what you get:

  • 12 week program
  • 1 strategy call per month (3 total, $1500 value)
  • Access to a personal cohort channel on Slack
  • Accountability
  • Weekly homework exercises
  • Find a Guest, Be a Guest, Episodes, Tech Tips ($500/yr value)
  • Full curriculum with 12 topics, one per week
  • Book: Podhacking Your Business ($25 value)
  • Podcast Landing Page ($100 setup and $50/mo value)
  • Find 24 screened guests ($250 value)
  • Get you booked on 24 shows ($500 value)
  • Deck of 100 Podcast Trading Cards ($150-$300 value)
  • 10% discount off any future services
  • Guarantee: Get 1000 more downloads or work with you until it happens



(and we can get you back to that btw)

Helpful Content

Wanna leverage your superpower to attract more of the right people?

Consider podcasting.

Guesting on shows is easier than you think. Here’s a list of strategies to employ to get you on your next best show.

Outsource the Minutae of Podcasting.

Welcome to podcastify.me.

We work with business owners with podcasts who spend at least 2 hours on each episode, and are ready to hand off the process to a top-notch agency.

These are people who have successful shows, and who are ready to free up that time for generating more revenue.

If that’s you: what can you do with an extra 2 hours per episode?

Got a podcast? List it with us and get guests for free.

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