Picture this: You’re a coach. People are paying you for your advice.

Now, dozens more per month are coming straight to you with the kinds of problems you solve.

What do you think that would do for your business?

Well, that’s what we make happen.

And we do it via podcasting.

Welcome to podcastify.me.

This is a service that builds a podcast around coaches, designed to convert guests and listeners into clients later, all without having to visit a studio.

We use the powers of the podcast and social media to quickly get your wisdom out to thousands of people.

While you’re building deep rapport with your guests, both they and the listeners are learning that you know what you’re talking about.

The result? More clients.

How we do it

We start by learning a TON about your business, your ideal clientele, your goals and your methods. Then we build a podcast that fits right into your current process.

From show collateral, marketing materials, music, graphics, format, editing, publishing and promoting, we handle every aspect of the process. Even finding and screening guests for you.

And you don’t even have to travel to a studio.

Would you like to know more?

Who we do it for

We help coaches of all kinds. Business, Leadership, Mental Health, Marketing, Life Coaches, Parent Coaches, Technical Consultants, Men’s and Women’s health, and many more.

These are the people who have the spark to help others around them. And they’re the people already being paid for that expert advice.

We wrap that advice in a podcast, that’s designed to attract more of the kinds of people who value your hard-earned wisdom.

Every episode that’s published increases your exposure.

Every episode proves you’re an authority in what you do.

We both know: that’s what leads to business.

And no, you don’t have to have any experience in podcasting to get started. All you have to do is have awesome conversations.

Just like you’re already doing.

“Holy gee whiz, I think that’s me!” you say?

Great! Let’s…

But why podcasts? Well…

Check out these stats.

0 million

Americans have listened to a podcast

0 million

listened in the last month

0 million

listen to a podcast weekly

Not only that:

It’s a unique medium.

Other forms of media occupy the eyes and thumbs.

But a podcast is heard.

This means people can be doing other things while listening.

And because of that, they’ll listen longer. 30, 60, 90 minutes.

Episode after episode after episode.

Q: How many of those 68 million weekly listeners could be influenced to become your future clients?

Story time.

This is Fritz, Founder of podcastify.me. I started podcasting in July 2019, and when I began having guests on my show, and having great conversations with them, my network exploded.

Seemingly overnight, I had built a group of people that genuinely enjoyed talking with me about the things they were passionate about. And it ended up resulting in some business, either directly or through referrals.

Even though I wasn’t intentionally trying to create revenue through my (now) four podcasts, I realized there was some raw power with inviting targeted guests who could become clients later.

And then, being an automation nerd: I systematized it.

Almost everything in the process, from sourcing guests, screening applicants, scheduling, editing, publishing and promoting each episode is nearly 100% automated.

The only thing that’s not? Interviewing the guest. That’s for you. But hey, that’s what you excel at.

That’s what the “me” in podcastify.me is all about: giving you that same power to quickly create the kinds of relationships that result in more business, more referrals, and more revenue.

All while doing something you’re already doing anyway. Having conversations.

What all is included?

We will handle everything in the podcasting process. And bruh: it’s a lot.
Guest application form — Scheduling portal — Episode upload portal — Client feedback form — Teaser videos — Guest communications — Custom Call to Actions — Social media posting — Audio and Video show — Custom show graphics
We take care of everything needed to create an on-brand podcast designed to help you gain more business through showcasing your knowledge.
The only thing we can’t do? Interview the guest. That’s totally on you. But you’re already great at talking with people. You’ll do awesome.

Are you curious about how podcastification works?

First step is telling us a bit about what you do.

How does a podcast work to bring in business?

Well here’s the secret: treat it less like a content generator, and more like a lead generator.

Because that’s what it is.

There are two different groups we target: Guests and Listeners.

Guests: We go find them. Based on what we know about your business, they’ll have things in common with the people already paying you money. These guests will also come ready to talk about a challenge they’re struggling with that we know you can help them with. When you help them, then they’ll know you know your stuff AND you’ve given them some actionable advice you can follow up with them on.

That makes them turn into a lead.

Listeners: We also socialize episodes to the listeners. There are plenty of people similar to your guest that may identify with the exact same (or very similar) challenge that you just talked about. We always craft a clear Call To Action (CTA) for every episode, directing listeners to take a next step after hearing the episode. Whether it’s joining a Facebook group, signing up for updates, downloading a free cheatsheet on your site, that CTA is a way for passive listeners can show active interest in what you’re talking about.

That makes them turn into a lead, too.

From there? If you’ve got a solid sales process that can convert a number of leads into clients, that’s where the money-money happens. And you can easily continue the process, conversing with people, building your audience, building your fan base, into an unstoppable juggernaut of success.

How the Process Works

The only thing you need to worry about is having awesome conversations. We take care of the rest.


You tell us about your business, goals and clientele


We craft a plan for a podcast, designed to bring you more business.

Review and Kickoff

We review together.

Sound good to you? We get started.

Build Show

We set up the show online for you


We set up an intake form for guests to apply easily.


We also create automated ways to screen out guests that aren’t a fit.

Guest Outreach

We reach out to a bunch of networks to attract guests to come apply.


The applicants that make it through can be accepted or rejected by you in seconds.


Accepted applicants schedule on your scheduling page (which we also set up for you)


You do the show with your new guest.


You upload the recording to an easy-to-use Upload page we create just for you.


We edit the episode according to the requirements in the plan.


We publish the show on the predetermined schedule that was in the plan.


We create social media posts with custom 30-second teasers designed to attract listeners.


You enjoy your growing group of listeners, fans, and eventually clients.

We take care of everything in the podcasting process so that you don’t have to.

If you’d like to get started with the part way up at the top there, simply…

And did someone say “unlimited“?

You’ll be pleased to know that all of our plans cover UNLIMITED episodes per month. Whether you do 4, 10, or even 100, the price stays the same.

Now that you know about our business,

let’s find out about yours.