Foundational Setup



If you’re ready to start or handoff a podcast, let us handle building out the initial framework–the RIGHT way.
This is a one-time service that includes:
  • Building out an awesome landing page to attract potential guests (and can be treated like a mini website itself! Talk about books, workshops, events, and much more)
  • An applicant tracking system for you to see where guests are in the process
  • Automatic messages between us and the guest on your behalf, triggered by you moving them to the next stage in the process
  • Scheduling, intake, and communications forms for us to share info with each other and make the podcasting process easy for you.
  • Setup of Zoom/Tidycal/etc. and coaching for getting your podcast going, or refreshing it for a new attempt or a new season.

This is a required service if we work together, but this is included automatically with our Unlimited Production offer. If you’d rather go all in for one monthly retainer, stop by here to learn more.

p.s.: If this is your first time here, our first step together is having you stop by this page to fill out our form. This is required before spinning up any subscription with us as it provides lots of information about your podcasting goals, whether you have one already or are starting one brand new!


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