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Hosted by Randall McNeely
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Show Description

Join hosts Dr. Elia Gourgouris – The Happiness Doctor, also known as the “Happy Greek”, and Randy McNeely – The Kindness Giver, as they bring in intriguing guests who share impactful personal experiences with the transformative power of kindness.

BE WARNED – You’ll more than likely come away with a case of “pay it forwarditis” and a desire to join the growing #kindnemic working to spread the kindness contagion wherever you go!

Dr. Elia Gourgouris worked for over two decades as a clinical psychologist and has worked in the corporate coaching and speaking industries for well over a decade teaching and speaking specifically on well-being and happiness. His appealing accent, thought provoking questions, unique perspective, and light-hearted banter will be food for your mind and happiness for your heart.

Randy McNeely, known as The Kindness Giver, is a reformed Cybersecurity professional. After working for nearly two decades where he played the role of the security/risk professional that everyone loved to hate, Randy retired his clipboard and risk assessment documents to take on the more personally impactful role of kindness engineer. You’ll enjoy listening as Randy utilizes his unique experience to ask insightful questions that inspire heart-grabbing responses.

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