Social Supercharge

$499.00 / month


While there are lots of people who will come listen or watch long-form content, there are literally billions of people who prefer short form content. But they still need to hear your message.

How do you reach those people who prefer the quicker dopamine hits? Social media. And then how do you make sure they’re engaged and taking action? By hiring us to make that happen!

The Social Supercharge is a service that creates highly engaging short form content (like what you see on TikTok, Youtube Shorts, Facebook Reels and others), and accompanies it with a quick blurb with appropriate algorithm-friendly #hashtags.

The goal is to get more people to come hear the podcast. And the goal for that is to get them further into your ecosystem.

Because, your next huge deal, giant client or event attendees might be in the masses of scrollers. We’ll get you in front of them.

Service includes:

– Development of eye-catching teasers complete with highlighted captions
– Access to your social profiles so we can post on your behalf in a scheduled fashion

Note this service covers UNLIMITED episodes. Go nuts 🙂

If this is your first time here: our first step together is having you stop by this page to fill out our form. This is required before spinning up a subscription with us as it provides lots of information about your podcasting goals, whether you have one already or are starting one brand new!


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