Podcast Trading Cards




Looking for a unique way to get guests on your show? Our Trading Cards are perfect. With the same size as standard Poker Cards, these vibrant cards feature your show art on the front, details on the back, and a QR code to receive applicants.

If you do a lot of in-person networking and you hit it off with someone that would be a great fit for your show, what if you can hand them a slick Trading Card to have them apply to be on your show?

Who else is doing that?? Well nobody as far as we know, unless they have Trading Cards from us 🙂

These high quality cards have a nice glossy feel, and feature all the info about your show on the back. The show description, ideal guests and show categories help people know they’re the perfect fit.

When they’re ready to apply, the QR code at the bottom right takes them to your custom Landing Page that we’ve built for you, along with providing you complete control of who gets on the show!

And the best part: once they’ve guested on the show, they’re more likely to share that card with someone else they know who’d be a great fit.

With just 100 of these in circulation, you can be assured to have a steady stream of guests for months (and even years) to come!

Note: this service requires that you be set up in our system via The Big Give, which is a free offer for podcast hosts. Sign up today at https://podcastify.me/the-big-give!


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