Podcast Landing Page


Unburdening Podcast Hosts

Podcast hosts, imagine a world where managing potential guests is a breeze.

Introducing the Podcast Landing Page, your ultimate solution to simplify guest procurement for your podcast.

Empowering Podcast Creators

Visualize a clean landing page featuring your show’s art, title, and an engaging description.

You can even spotlight previous episodes.

Visitors can effortlessly choose to listen or apply to be a guest with a single click.

And that’s not all–your landing page can incorporate links to Facebook groups, captivating videos, dynamic image carousels, and seamless scheduling for workshops or even purchases of your books or consultations.

It’s like having a personalized website right at your fingertips.

When they click “apply as a guest,” they’re directed to a form tailored to your specific questions. We handle all the setup for you.

After submission, you receive an email with all of their answers.

At the bottom, you’ll find two crucial options: accept or decline. Choosing to accept a guest is a breeze.

A simple click on the “accept” button leads them to a seamless process to get scheduled using the URL you’ve provided.

If a guest isn’t the perfect fit, no worries. A click on the “decline” button directs them to a gracious message along with links to other shows they might resonate with.

Unlock Seamless Guest Management

Simplify your guest procurement with the Podcast Landing Page. Streamline your process and focus on what you do best.

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$50.00 / month and a $100.00 sign-up fee