Podcast Strategy Session




Do you have a podcast and you’re not sure how to get a ROI on your time? Are you planning to start one but need guidance? We can help.

This service is a one-hour deep-dive session with the Founder of podcastify.me, Michael “Fritz” Fritzius, a serial podcaster with shows in multiple sectors. He’ll talk with you to understand your previous or future goals entail, and suggest a killer strategy to either take your current show to the next level, or begin a new show with a running start.

Upon ordering, you’ll receive a link to schedule the Podcast Strategy Session to discuss over Zoom. Be prepared to talk about:

  • Why you want (or wanted) to start a podcast
  • How you envision it tying back to realizing a return on investment (ROI)
  • What your Big Hairy Audacious Goal is that could use a podcast as a way to achieve it.

Topics that we discuss may include:

  • How to monetize the show, in short, medium and long term models
  • How to get a handle on editing quickly and seamlessly
  • Tactics on finding and screening guests
  • There’s a lot more, just I’m tired of typing and I need to caffeinate.

But rest assured, you WILL come away with actionable advice that can help you realize the goals that you’d like to see with a podcast.


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