Monthly Strategy Session

$499.00 / month


What if you could have the expertise available of a podcaster who’s recorded more than 400 episodes, in multiple formats, in person and virtual, and has personally hosted more than 7 shows?
Welp, you found it. This is that.
The Monthly Strategy Session is perfect for the podcaster who wants to learn out-of-the-box ways to take a show to the next level.
During our one-hour session you can ask any question you want about anything you want, in the realm of podcasting.
“How do I get more listeners for my show?”
“What should I post on social media to get more website traffic?”
“Where should I put breaks in my episode to make it not so long?”
Got answers for all of those. And probably anything else you can think of.
I’d love to spend an hour with you to help you find and stay on the right path–and we’ll walk the path together! Subscribing to this service will notify you where to go when you’re ready to pick your date and time.


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