Custom Music Track



Got a podcast and need some pizzazz? Need to make a change for the upcoming season? A custom music track would help.

Our expert level in-house music talent will put together a track just for you that’s unique, fits the mood of your show, and (most importantly) doesn’t flag any copyright rules since it doesn’t exist yet. That is, until you let us create it for you.

Once you have your track, you can use it however you like, including backing an intro, outro or midroll piece with it, or as the background of short show clips to share on social media.

Here’s what the service includes:

Track creation:

  • We’ll collect info from you about the tone and timbre of the show, and the general emotion you want people to feel.
  • Then our music talent will come back with 3 samples of tracks for you to review.
  • Is there a certain direction you like? Is there one that is almost perfect but needs a little bit of something-something? That gets rolled into the next draft.
  • We’ll continue working with you until you’re happy with the result.

Get custom music on your show by putting this item in your cart, and we’ll get you introduced to our music talent ASAP.


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