50 Tastes Of Gray

Hosted by Matthew Gray
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Embark on a flavorful journey with me, Matthew Gray, as your guide on my ’50 Tastes Of Gray’ podcast.

Immerse yourself in a delectable exploration of diverse topics, each episode seasoned with a unique blend of insight, humor, and engaging conversations.

Tune in for a taste of something new, intriguing, and always satisfying—because life is way too short and way too delicious to miss out on this ChatCast…

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THE EMBC NETWORK Featuring: ihealthradio and Worldwide Podcasts

Hosted by Hurricane H Hurricane H
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The Elanmati Media Broadcasting Corp DBA THE EMBC NETWORK is pleased to introduce and feature our family of Internet channels and radio programming: ihealthradio, The iHealth Channel, The Fit and Fab Channel, The Sales World Channel, The Nutritious Channel, The Glamour Channel and Top Worldwide Podcasts These channels are dedicated to Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Beauty biz hosting a variety of talk shows, Reports, and Documentaries that cover all the different aspects of Healthcare delivery services, health innovation, Insurance, Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness, and Beauty Industry related concepts. “We aim to simply bring you the down low and 411 on what is what, who, how, why and when.” (Hurricane H) Our Mission is to Educate, Enlighten, Inspire, and Motivate, we are the educational and resources network. “Time To Evolve” “Enrich Your Mind and Soar Beyond Limits” Enjoy our Diversified programming with Hurricane H and many world-renowned guests and Talk Show/podcast hosts. https://linktr.ee/Thehurricanehtalkshows

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hollischapmanshow – Get people like and trust you.

Hosted by Hollis Chapman
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We are a weekly interview show, we have outstanding guests promoting their books.

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Everybody’s got a story. Unleash yours. Get Amplified! with Dr. Ken Rochon!


Ken is a renaissance man, humanitarian, and an accomplished serial entrepreneur, established his successes with The Umbrella Syndicate, Perfect Publishing, & Absolute Entertainment. He is a Social Proof Celebrity Event Photographer, International Keynote Speaker, and

Published Author of 26+ books. He is the Co-Founder of the non-profit

organization “The Keep Smiling Movement,” a radio host on Voice America Influencer Channel, and has been honored as “America’s Most Influential Business Connector” and “Entrepreneur of the Year.” 

Ken’s focus is supporting and promoting great leaders, authors, and speakers. He helps businesses grow using “Amplification” strategies in their event and product campaigns. His company gets over 100,000 clicks and engagements a week, making it one of the most active social media pages. He has exceeded one thousand (1000) 5-star reviews making him one of the most recommended businesses worldwide. 


He loves the arts and sciences, and he has traveled to over 100 countries. His favorite place to be is with his son Kenny aka ‘K3’, the light of his life. Ken, who lost his mother to Alzheimer’s, desires to live a life of purpose where he leaves a legacy of love for his son to model.

Your Stories Don’t Define You – How You Tell Them Will

Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

It’s not the things that happen in your life that define you, that create your identity. It’s how you talk about those things. 

That’s the theme behind this podcast. Research shows that the stories you tell have a major influence in how you see yourself and in how others perceive you, so it’s important to be intentional about which stories you share and how you share them.

Guests on the podcast share the pivotal moments in their lives and careers, offering keen insights and “ah ha” moments to listeners, while triggering related memories of listeners, opening up opportunities to uncover their own patterns and discover better ways to share their stories.

Featured Episodes

Here are a few episodes I often share with invited guests:

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Teaching Artist Podcast

Teaching Artist Podcast

Show Description

Through conversations with teaching artists, an art educators’ support group, and resources like lesson plans and workshops, we are building community and sharing stories to connect our islands and make equitable liberatory teaching the norm.Teaching Artist podcast was started by Rebecca Potts Aguirre, an artist and educator. She interviews practicing artists who are also educators in K-12 and community settings. This podcast is dedicated to discussions of teaching art, making art, and how those things overlap and feed each other.