William Allen


William Allen is an author with a writer’s heart and researcher’s mind. After getting a degree in Psychology with an eye on doing psychology research, he recalibrated for a career in Information Technology. He found himself in a 30-year career as an Information Technology manager at Wells Fargo who enjoyed managing highly intelligent, often difficult staff, many of whom were highly sensitive.

He retired early from his corporate job to start his Hypno-coaching and neurofeedback brain training business, BrainPilots, in Bend, Oregon.

In late 2016, he began his blog, The Sensitive Man, about his experiences, as a highly sensitive man. The blog became the genesis of his first book, Confessions of a Sensitive Man. His new book, On Being a Sensitive Man, is the follow up book, which focuses on how to live in the world as a sensitive man.

He feels that HSP males need to take their keen insights and intuition and make them public. He would like to shed more light on highly sensitive males and the much-needed role they need to take in our society.


  • High Sensitivity (sensory processing sensitivity) in men
  • Redefining Masculinity
  • How highly sensitive men can help the world at this moment in time
  • Why high sensitivity is an evolutionary quality


If discussion is on HSP Men:

  • What are the problems HSP men struggle with the most?
  • How do HSP men challenge traditional masculine stereotypes?
  • What do you recommend for HSP men to relieve stress, anxiety and overwhelm?
  • Can HSP men help redefine what masculinity is? If so, how?
  • What can we do to help HSP boys?

Questions about me:

  • What prompted you to write your book and blog?
  • How long have you known about your high sensitivity? When did you find out?
  • How did being highly sensitive help you in your corporate life? How did it help you in your coaching business?
  • Do you have highly sensitive children?
  • What do you consider your greatest highly sensitive strength? Weakness?

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