Tommy Roberts


I am an ex grocery store manager of 23 years who’s mission is to help people who feel like retail is there only option to see there is a way out. I do this by introducing them to a unique precious metals business that they can build online or offline or both. I also have a fascination with social media in general which is why I am currently building on 10 platforms simultaneously.


  • Network marketing
  • Precious metals
  • Retail management
  • Social media strategies (LinkedIn especially)
  • Time management on multiple social media platforms.


  • How can I grow on LinkedIn?
  • How can I get out of retail when it’s all I’ve ever done?
  • Why is it important to own precious metals?
  • How can I grow on multiple social media platforms while still working a full time job?
  • Can I build a network marketing business while still working a full time job?

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