Tina Asher


Tina is the owner of Build U Up Consulting and as a career coach, enjoys helping busy professionals get out of the rat race and build on a career that they love and is aligned with their lifestyle.

Prior to opening her business, Tina was a Regional Vice President for a 9-state region in the mortgage industry. She served as the President of the National Association for Mortgage Women and was a top performer in the corporate world for more than 30 years.

Tina is certified as a Behavioral (DISC), Driving Forces, and Emotional Quotient Analyst (EQ) with one of the world’s leading sources for validated assessment and coaching tools. She recently published her first book, Teetering, A Frazzled, Overworked Person’s Guide to Embrace Change and Find Balance.

Tina knows first-hand the challenges of balancing a successful career and having time for family and self. If you’re looking to improve your relationships at work or home, get promoted, negotiate for a pay raise, or change to a new career, Tina’s 5-step proven success path will help you get the results

you want. Tina’s passion is and has always been encouraging others to reach their full potential while balancing a full and productive life.


  • Career Transition – Discovering a Career that is best aligned with who you are
  • Conquering the Fear of Change – how to make tough decisions easy
  • Managing Up – How to work successfully with peers or managers who are different than you
  • Communicating to Win – Building Better Relationships at work and home
  • Safe Boundaries
  • Time Management/Owning Your Day Instead Of It Owning You


  • How to make a difficult decision with a big change you’re considering
  • How to win with a micro manager
  • How to win back your day so you’re not burnt out
  • How to ask for a raise
  • How to reduce stress and maximize your day

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