Theresa McRee


After losing my job, my father, my marriage and my ability to walk (for 6 months), I was so broken I didn’t know how to move forward.

Let me share with you how I found purpose in my life. I am experienced in

helping people find clarity after a loss. The loss may be death, job, marriage – anything that has caused significant grief. I am confident that I will be able to help because I have successfully adopted strategies and habits that have literally changed and saved my (and

other) lives.


  • Grief is hard work ~ we must work through it
  • There is no easy way or any shortcuts out of grief ~ grief is painful
  • I am here to assist ~ I cannot change or fix your loss
  • I offer help finding an acceptance ~ your new normal
  • Never apologize for grieving ~ the worst kind of grief is yours
  • Grief should never be a private thing ~ there is more than comfort in sharing, sharing offers us strength to endure the burden of our grief


  • Why doesn’t grief comes in stages?
  • How do I continue in life with this tremendous loss?
  • Did God have anything to do with this?
  • How do we understand suffering?
  • Why am I so angry?
  • Why can’t I sleep or I sleep all of the time?
  • Why can’t I eat or I just eat all of the time?

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