The Polymath PolyCast

Show Description

This show is for the polymathic, the entrepreneurial, the multipotentialites, and the Innovators! For those who aren’t aware; A polymath is more than just a jack of all trades. The latter is more of a generalist, with a lack of mastery. A polymath on the other hand is someone who is multidisciplinary in many skills at a master/proficient level. No matter where YOU may be on the spectrum of the multipotentialites and polymaths… you are more than welcome!

Given the wide range of topics there is going to be a lot of overlap with what knowledge you know, and so I am sure we can find something to discuss.

This is a video show!

A Chance to Be Unique

When you come on here I do a deep dive into you, and if I have time then I watch/listen to most of your prior interviews. That way I know what you’ve already been asked, so then we can talk about something you haven’t the chance to before. Not to mention if you’re coming on, then you’re either a really interesting specialist, or more than likely someone on the Multidisciplinary Spectrum. So this is the only show that exemplifies your various interests/knowledge areas.

You’re unique, the show is unique, and let’s make this episode Unique!