The Employee Whisperer

Show Description

In this podcast, you’ll learn that people will work for money, but rather for the the depth of respect and the depth

of recognition. And if you’re not taking the time to respect your

employees, and recognize your employees, but also realizing how employee want to be recognized might be different than how employee B wants to be recognized, then you’re not only leading them to potentially

unionize, but they’re also probably going to walk out the door because

they’re going to find a better employer.

If you’re tired of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on employee

engagement surveys only to have the same dumb issues surface over and

over again then this podcast is for you. You’ll discover what your

employees say about you and your company behind your back and what you

can do about it to transform your company or organization into “best in

class” in your industry. This show is your key to expanding market

share, retaining top talent and exploding your bottom line profits while staying union-free.