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Guests, Tracking and Trading Cards – all for free

For Podcast Hosts: Our network is growing with people who have amazing stories to tell, or wisdom to share. We’d love to match them up with your show, quickly and easily.

If you have a show and you’re looking for guests, we’d be happy to help you find some for free! And we’ve got some amazing extras to help with that.

Check out what we do, and then enter your info in the form at the bottom.

How the system works

When your Basic Show Listing is complete, it will have the show art, title and description on its own page. That page will also have a form for people to fill out the following questions:

  • Their name
  • Their email
  • Their bio
  • Their headshot
  • What they’d like to cover on the show

When they apply, their request goes into a Guest Tracking board, which automatically sends you an email when someone applies. We’ll create a unique board for you and give you access.

Here’s a screenshot of mine, yours will look similar:

Each one of those boxes is a movable “card” that you can move from lane to lane. They contain the info that a guest shared when they applied. Simply click one to view it and see what they said.

Is this person a good fit? Then you can drag that card to the lane that sends the guest and acceptance email.

If they’re not a great fit? We have a lane for that too, where they’ll be let know they’re not quite the right fit, but that there are other shows they can apply on.

When you move the card to a lane, an appropriate email will be fired off by our system to that guest. If you accept, decline, or ask them if they have more awesome guests, we have an email for that.

If you accept a guest, then (and ONLY then) will we share your scheduling link for them to appear on your show.

And your email is ALWAYS secure. We never share your contact info with them, and we only share your link when you’re ready for them to appear.

The result: you enjoy more (and qualified) guests at the push of a button. Simple.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition, we’ll use your show art, landing page, short description, ideal guests and show categories to create a custom Trading Card, which brings another avenue of people to guest on your show:

The front features your show art and title, and the back has all the info for a person to know if they’re a good fit. The QR code takes them straight to your Landing Page where they can apply. If a person has one of these cards in-hand, then then they can pass the card to another person who they think also might be a great fit!

We at value podcasting, but we also value networking. And we do a lot of it. We bring binders of these cards to share with people at summits, meetings, even coffee chats, and you’ll be reaching all kinds of guests in many exciting ways in short order.

And we’ll help with that. All for free.

Ready to Start?

Drop your info in the form below, and we’ll get started! When we finish up, you’ll get an email with everything needed to start receiving, screening and accepting guests.