Stephanie Haenchen


As the Chief Pacesetter and owner of Pace Marketing, Stephanie Haenchen has over 20 years of marketing experience with 10 of those years bringing her vision of a different kind of marketing firm to life, one that moves with the client at their pace. Steph graduated from The University of Missouri School of Journalism and the Graduate School of Communications at Webster University.

Through her experience, she created an agency that strives to help businesses define and refine their marketing so they can reach their goals and accelerate business growth. As a business owner, mother, and board member, Stephanie still finds time to enjoy outdoor activities like cycling and snowboarding.


  • Marketing
  • Small business
  • Business development
  • Women in Business
  • Digital Marketing
  • Eye Care Industry


  • What is your perspective on what makes a campaign successful?
  • Can you tell listeners what an integrated marketing plan is and why it’s important?
  • What gaps in marketing do you often see time and time again?

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