See If We’re a Fit

The best way for us to see if we’re a great for each other is simple: Hop on a podcast with us!

We use our flagship podcast, “The Third Wave with Fritz” as a way to dig deep into how you got started, challenges you’ve faced along the way, and what your best clients look like.

From there, we’ll come back with a detailed playbook of how to either build your own podcast OR tune a current one to attract more of that ideal client profile.

And if you get through that playbook and think, “this makes a lot of sense but I ain’t spending time doing all this,” then we have a handy way for you to kick off a service to work with us.

Cool huh?

Having you on our podcast is the best way to experience exactly what we’re capable of, so you know how serious we take the podcasting medium.

You’re in good hands. But don’t take our word for it! Apply to be on the show by…