Single Season.

Done For You.

We’re great at taking on production of existing podcasts. But we’re also great at spinning new ones up.

If you’ve been sitting on the idea of starting a show, but haven’t been ready to kick it off: we will kick it off for you.

This service includes:

  • A consultation to identify your ideal guest and ideal listener (link sent to you to set up the consultation as soon as the purchase is made)
  • Custom branding and graphics
  • Creating custom portals for you to source and screen guests easily
  • Building your show out on Spotify
  • Setting up cloud storage, scheduling and recording tools as necessary
  • Editing your show, adding custom intro/outro/midrolls and custom music
  • Publishing your episodes
  • Promoting each episode 2x on up to 3 social media platforms of your choice
  • And 3 1-1 sessions with Fritz himself, who’s hosted 6 podcasts, recorded 400+ episodes and guested on dozens, and who knows a few things about podcasting (not bragging, just stating facts)

This service covers the creation of all the branding, marketing, collateral, graphics, forms and everything, for 24 episodes. The perfect size to kick off your first season of your new show.

If you’re ready to finally kick off that show, wait no more. Click the button and let’s make some magic happen.