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Teaser Creation

One of the WORST ways to build listenership for a podcast is hopping on social media and saying, “New episode’s up!” and plunking down a link.

One of the BEST ways? Sharing short clips about the show. 

See the biggest question people will ask about your show is, “what will I get out of listening to this episode?” And it’s difficult to answer that with a link to the most recent episode.

It’s incredibly easy to answer that question with having a key 30-second clip from a point in the show where the conversation is getting good. Coupled with eye-catching graphics to get them to stop scrolling, and animations and voice to keep them there, you’ll have more listeners in no time. 

Here’s an example from our flagship show:

The format of a good teaser background will have:

  • An initial 1-second still with any necessary information about the show–what it’s called, where it’s located, the ask to have them tap to hear the clip, etc. This is so if Autoplay isn’t configured on their device or laptop, that they know this is a video that has something cool happening in it.
  • Then 24 seconds with information about your podcast being animated and providing an eye-catching experience.
  • Finally a 5-second call to action at the end that tells people where to go to hear more.

This service includes:

  • Setup to create 3 awesome teaser backgrounds
  • A custom upload portal for you to send your edited episodes up to us (or access via shared link to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, wherever your episodes are stored in the cloud)
  • Automatic extraction of 30-second spots
  • Storing each teaser in a dedicated Dropbox folder for you
    Each month we’ll review and add a new teaser background, for up to 5 options (let us know any time you would like to change which backgrounds to use–you can change once per month)
  • Every time the automation runs, you’ll get the soundbites overlaid on each of the backgrounds created/chosen, so you always have a stack of teasers to pick from

You have complete control of everything–the background graphics, animation style, waveform position and color, and call to action at the last 5 seconds.

The result? A growing number of people listening to a show since they get a sample of what the full episode is all about,

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