Teaser Creation for Facebook Live

$347.00 / month and a $247.00 sign-up fee


Teaser Creation for Facebook Live

Did you just host a Live on Facebook recently?
Wouldn’t it be great to give people a reason to go hear it if they missed it?
This is that.

One of the best ways to attract viewers to a longer video or session on Facebook is to provide a short clip from that highlights a key spot in the show.

Here’s an example from a recent talk that our Founder Fritz did recently:

Now if you heard that and wondered what the rest of the talk was like: that means it worked on you. It’ll also work on the people who couldn’t make it to your Live or weren’t sure what they’d be getting out of it.

Here’s how it works:

  • We create an upload portal for you to:
    • Share the audio or video of a Facebook Live (either direct upload or a shared link)
    • Share which timestamps to pull from the full Live (put in the timestamps that show up for comments that happened during the Live), and
    • Provide a background image for us to use
  • Then:
    • We turn out automation loose to craft teasers just like the above
    • Each teaser is stored in a folder on Dropbox (link to be shared with you)
    • You collect the teasers and use them on your social medias

This service does NOT include any social media verbiage–that’s to be crafted by you.

And here’s the best part: no matter how many Lives you host in a month, it’s still the same price.

You can trust that we’ll efficiently provide these to you, and you can also enjoy reaching more people with your long form Live video content, by lowering the bar of commitment.

Make it CLEAR what your Live is about by providing a short excerpt. Sign up today!


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