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Social Media Activity

It’s one thing to have an awesome episode. But getting people to come hear it? That can be a challenge.

Social media makes it possible to get your episode visible where the right people can see it.

The trick is: Having a combination of eye-catching collateral, ear-capturing video, and verbiage that gets them to stop scrolling and spend a little time finding out what they’d get out of listening to a full episode, and make it a no-brainer for them to click through and hear the rest.

We do that.

podcastify.me has an expert team of content creators that, when combined with our Teaser Creation service, connect the eyes, ears and hearts together, and prompts thumbs to take action by giving your link a little tappy-tappy.

Before long you’ll enjoy a growing listenership of people who already know what they’ll get out of hearing your latest episode.

This service includes:

  • Everything that’s in the Teaser Creation package
  • Custom verbiage about your episode, designed to tell people what they’ll get out of listening to the episode
  • A clear and clickable call to action in the post itself to bring people to the podcast
  • Automated and scheduled publishing to your *choice of platforms, including Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Company Page, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter or, Instagram
  • Posts scheduled for up to 3x per week (2x is best but we can go up to 3x if you have a special episode or event you want to share about)

(*limitations apply. Facebook personal pages can’t be posted to via our toolset–common issue with Facebook unfortunately. And Groups of any kind are limited to groups that you are an owner/admin of)

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