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Single Season

All of the awesome service you’d expect from our Month-to-Month plan, but for a Single Season! We build all the infrastructure, editing, publishing and promotion of either 24 30-minute episodes, or 12 60-minute episodes.

The result? You get to focus on having awesome conversations with people who are more likely to become your clients later, for ONE price. We handle everything else.

Here’s the breakdown:

Initial setup (included in full price)

  • Show listing page
  • Guest application page
  • Accept or Decline email for a guest (you get an email showing what an applicant said, and it takes a couple seconds to either accept or decline)
  • Acceptance email (if accepted, our system will send them an email saying how to get scheduled, and they’ll pop on your calendar soon after)
  • Declination email (if declined, we’ll let them down easy, not in a mean way, but give them closure on your behalf)
  • Dropbox or Google Drive setup (if needed–this is where your episodes would live and we’d pull episodes from a shared link to one of these tools)
  • Submit episode page (once an episode is recorded, supply some info on what the show was about, and how it went–we’ll take it from there!)
  • Zoom setup (if needed)
  • Audio/Video consultation (making sure the video and sound is at high quality and offer suggestions as needed)
  • Calendly setup (if needed)
  • Setup show on Anchor.fm
  • Custom show art
  • Show title
  • Show description
  • Custom show music created by our in-house music talent
  • Intro and outro verbiage and voiceover (either done by you or by our team)
  • Midroll verbiage and voiceover (either done by you or by our team)
  • Creation of teaser backgrounds (we overlay the audio and animated elements onto the background into a 30 or 60 second clip that’s perfect for social media)
  • Setup a matchmaker.fm account to assist with sourcing particular guests
  • Setup a social media strategy for guest outreach
  • Configure the promotion of episodes on your social media channels (we use Heropost to publish episode artifacts and can publish 1x per week or 3x per week–if you’re already doing a lot on social media, 1x per week is ideal)
  • Clear Call to Action (CTA) to be shared at the end of each episode (ex: what do you want a listener to do IMMEDIATELY after hearing an episode? We’ll make mention of that! You can have multiple CTAs to pick from if you have more than one.)

Monthly production (for UNLIMITED episodes)

  • Scheduled release cadence (initial 6 episodes all at once and then once per week, twice a week, once every two weeks, or any schedule you like. Even all 12 or 24 at once!)
  • Edit out gaps in the episode if the network dropped or quality was low (let us know in the Submit Episode page where this might be)
  • Add the intro and outro to the front and back respectively
  • Split the episode near the middle and add the midroll
  • Publish to anchor.fm
  • Create an episode title
  • Create an episode description
  • Custom art for each episode
  • Publish to Youtube if you want a video aspect to it
  • Guest communication – when we let a guest know about the release date, we also share 3 of the short clips with them and a short blurb they can use on social media–that helps them quickly share and build your listenership even faster since they have access to a network that you don’t!
  • Ongoing support with custom tools as needed–we have LOTS of tricks up our sleeve and can share with you depending on what the needs are down the line!

Already a Seasonal Client? Ready to start Season 2? We’ll have a deep Strategy Session to identify what needs to be changed in our process, retarget who we source as guests, change messaging, marketing collateral and anything else to prep. Then we’ll get going.

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