Podcast Studio Kit – Starter



If you’re new to podcasting and are starting from ground zero, this Podcast Studio Kit* gives you everything you need to turn your workspace into a place to host your show! Upon purchasing this kit, we will source all of the items below as quickly as possible, and set it to ship to you.

This kit includes:

  • Blue Yeti USB microphone: a mainstay in the podcasting world, this standard mic will last you for years
  • Blue Yeti Pop Filter: A cushioned cap for the top of the microphone to increase sound quality and prevent plosives (“P” sounds) and sibilants (“S” sounds) from affecting how “U” sound (sorry couldn’t resist the pun)
  • Blue Yeti Mic Stand: Set the mic aside when you’re done and pull it up when you’re ready to do your show–and keep your desk less cluttered too
  • Ring Light: Enhance your ambient lighting and look great on camera
  • USB Camera: a good high quality camera that can clip to the top of your laptop or sit on your desk
  • Over-Ear Wired Headphones: Great audio quality that plugs directly into the speaker jack on your microphone
  • In-Ear Wired Earbuds: If you prefer a slimmer profile, this is the way to go. And we’ve chosen the kind with the rubbery part so it actually stays in your ear–worst feeling in the world having one fall out, trust me
  • USB Hub: plug all your devices into one hub, so that you have one connection to your laptop
  • USB to USB-C adapter: and then if you only have the USB-C connections on your device, we’ve got you covered with this handy adapter. We thought of just about everything!

Additionally, we will send you a Detailed Guide on how to get started with your setup and get you running in a short amount of time with your new equipment.

We’re excited that you’re starting podcasting, and we can make your first episode sound a lot better.

Need something else in addition to this? Contact fritz@podcastify.me and let’s chat about it!

Note: Price includes applicable tax and shipping.

*While we do our best to source each item consistently from each supplier, we understand that sometimes companies go out of business or a particular item price can increase to where it’s outside of a reasonable cost. If we can’t get the normal item at the normal price for either reason, we will source an equal quality item that has the same capability.


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