Podcast Host Trading Cards and Landing Page

$300.00 / month



Tired of business cards ending up in the recycling bin? Step up your networking game with our cutting-edge collectible trading cards designed exclusively for podcast hosts!

Imagine the thrill of trading cards meets the power of personalized podcast promotion. That’s the innovation we bring to the podcasting world.

Your Custom Trading Card is more than just a piece of paper; it’s a gateway to your podcasting universe. Complete with a unique link and QR code, it guides recipients to a tailor-made landing page curated just for you. From there, they can dive into your podcast, apply to be a guest, and explore everything else you have to offer – from books, exclusive content, workshops, courses, to events and more!

If your podcast is the magnet for your ideal audience, this is the turbocharged funnel you’ve been waiting for. Connect with potential clients in a whole new way, poised to convert after a conversation with you. It’s a game-changer for your podcast and your business!

The magic happens when your card changes hands, introducing you to a whole new network of potential guests and collaborators. Find your perfect matches faster and expand your reach in ways you never imagined.

With our Podcast Host Trading Cards, you’ll get:

  • Custom Trading Card Design
  • Printing and shipment of a deck of 100 cards for your show
  • Creation of your bespoke Landing Page (see example)
  • Crafting of your Podcast Application Form with instant email notifications upon submission
  • Development of your Accept and Decline form to effortlessly communicate your decision to potential guests
  • Setting up your Scheduling page (or linking to your existing one) upon acceptance
  • White-glove management of the guest application process (guest applies, you click to accept or decline, we take care of the rest)

And there’s more! With every batch of 50 cards, you’ll also receive:

  • A deck featuring the 50 newest hosts
  • A deck featuring the 50 freshest guests
  • Promotional features for your show through our mailing list and personal network

Ready to take your podcast to the next level? When you order, we’ll schedule a detailed discussion to ensure your card and associated pages are a perfect reflection of your brand. Elevate your podcasting journey with Podcast Host Trading Cards today!