Platinum Social Media for TikTok

$900.00 / month


If you’re looking to build a powerful following and get those followers to take action: this is the plan for you.

One of the services we do with includes creating videos to drive traffic back to the podcast, or to a website to get people to take action. 

This is that on steroids.

And, it’s targeting a platform whose algorithm is so slick, it keeps people on it for hours. If they see your content, it’s because it was meant for them.

And those people are meant for you.

The Platinum Social Media for TikTok package goes deep into what it takes to create and maintain a presence on that platform, and ensuring that the most logical path for them is to come further into your ecosystem. 

Whether your goal is to drive traffic to a website, purchase a product, take a masterclass, buy a book, or hire you directly, you can have access to a rockstar team of experts who will drive results.

Here’s the breakdown:

Initial setup (included in monthly retainer)

  • Access to your social media accounts
  • 1-hour Strategy Session to determine goals, video setup, hardware and everything else to rock socks on this platform
  • Assessment of profiles you like the look and feel of
  • Setup of an upload portal for you to easily share raw videos with us (or another method that’s easier in order for us to quickly access the raw content)
  • Audio/Video consultation (making sure the video and sound is at high quality and offer suggestions as needed)
  • Review of your TikTok profile
  • Establishing the connection between TikTok and Instagram so cross-posting is possible
  • Hashtag analysis based on your ideal demographic
  • Clear call to action (CTA) in the profile

Monthly production

  • 3 high-quality videos created per week (3 videos per week * 4 weeks = 12 videos per month–priced at $75 per video)
  • Videos scheduled to release on TikTok at intervals (ex: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
  • All videos formatted to best fit the 9:16 ratio for both TikTok and Instagram
  • Full editing according to your needs
  • Review of videos before publishing
  • Ongoing 1-hour strategy session every month to retarget and refine the offering

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