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Listen, we get it: Sometimes life and business get in the way, and the podcasts you’ve recorded with guests are sitting on your computer waiting to be shared with the world.

But they’re not doing any good if they’re not out there to be heard!

If you’ve got a growing backlog of episodes, let us help you get them edited and published so you can get them off your plate (and more importantly: that nagging TODO out of your head)

Our “Over The Hump” editing service includes everything needed for us to get a handle on your current editing process, what success looks like, and provide you clean episodes that you can publish.

Here’s what the service includes:

Initial setup (baked into the price):

  • Upload portal for you to get episodes to us (or you can also share a link to Dropbox/One Drive/Google Drive or other cloud provider if that’s easier),
  • The same upload portal also has a way for you to share a little bit about the episode, including the guest name, notes about the show, and (most importantly) whether there were glitches and where they might be during the recording, and
  • A 1-hour Strategy and Acclimation (S&A) Session for us to learn how you like your shows edited.

Editing process:

  • We will edit each episode according to the requirements you shared in the S&A session,
  • We will also create a title and description, as needed, based on the notes that you shared on the upload portal,
  • Then we will put the finished episodes in a dedicated Dropbox folder on our side, and share the link with you, along with any relevant information about the episode (title and description). You can then take them and upload them to your preferred podcasting platform.

NOT included:

  • Publishing episodes – this only covers the editing and turning over of finished episodes to you once done.
  • This service assumes you already have any extra collateral, such as an intro/outro/midroll/commercials/graphics/etc. We’ll use the already-existing collateral as part of the editing process, as determined from the S&A Session.
  • This service does not include a listen-through of the episode. If you are aware of glitches or hiccups on the recording, such as internet going down, extra noise, etc. please let us know in the upload form.
  • This service also does not include the removal of filler words, such as “um” or “uh”, but we will do the best we can to remove long silences and help keep the episode flowing.

Prices listed are per episode, and we’ll send out a link to schedule the Strategy Session with you as soon as we see the order.


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