Sometimes people need a break listening. Putting a short segment near the middle of the episode is like a “coffee break” for the ears. That’s called a Midroll, and we are Midroll-making Baristas 😉

It is unfortunate that we have short attention spans, but it’s a great benefit if you break the episode up and stick a Midroll in there.

Similar to an Intro or Outro, this service designs an audio or video component that combines a message, a tone, and a voice, all into a handy piece of collateral that you can put near the middle of the show. You can let people know about a cool offer at the end to keep them engaged, or a special message that you have for listeners.

Note that ideally, you want your segments to be not more that 20 minutes long. If your show is an hour long, you may want to purchase two midrolls, and edit the show to put one in near the 20 minute mark, and one near the 40 minute mark.

This service includes:

  • Writing a script of the verbiage that goes into the midroll
  • A professionally-recorded reading of the script as high-quality audio
  • A video background (if needed for a video show–must send us logos, branding and any ideas you have on the video itself)
  • Addition of music to play in the segment (crafting the music track or choosing an open-license track is not included)
  • Putting the finished product in a dedicated Dropbox folder for you to use for editing later.

Upon ordering, we’ll get with you to understand what you want to convey during this break, and how to re-engage the listener during this break. Think of it like a brief sponsor message or a commercial, and get people ready to start listening again by inviting back into the show.


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