Are you looking for a slick way to kick off your show? Do you need a new way to set expectations for listeners? It’s time to make an Intro.

This service designs an audio or video component that combines a message, a tone, and a voice, all into a handy piece of collateral that you can put at or near the front of your show. It’s a great way to introduce the overall topic of the show and get people ready to fully experience what you’re getting ready to talk about. It’s a great way to save time while also enhancing the experience for your listeners.

This service includes:

  • Writing a script of the verbiage that goes into the intro
  • A professionally-recorded reading of the script as high-quality audio
  • A video background (if needed for a video show–must send us logos, branding and any ideas you have on the video itself)
  • Addition of music to play in the episode (crafting the music track or choosing an open-license track is not included)

Upon ordering, we’ll get with you to understand what you want the intro to convey, while also sharing tactics on what may work best based on your ideal listener and guest profile. Your show will sound awesome in no time.


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