Host Listing – Yearly

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Host Listing – Yearly Package

Do you have a podcast?
Would you like to have a slick way to screen guests?
Would you also like to make it super easy for them to get scheduled?

If so, you’re on the right track.

This service is all about getting you listed on our Shows page so that guests can easily see what you’re all about, and have a way to apply to be on your show.

This service includes a full-featured show listing with the following sections:

  • Show Art: Your show art, banner or branding at the top of your entry (no show art yet or need a refresh? We do that too)
  • Show Name: Your show name
  • Description: A short one-paragraph summary describing the show
  • Scripted Questions: If you have a list of questions that you’ll be covering so guests can prepare, this is the place to put them–set clear expectations and get a higher turnout!
  • Audience: A short blurb describing the audience that’s most likely to listen to your show–demographics, gender, age group, sector, listenership size, etc.
  • Questions: A set of intake questions that you’d like to get answers to–answers are emailed straight to you with a handy accept or decline mechanism based on what they say. Includes dropdowns, radio buttons and text fields. You can have as many as you’d like!
  • Question Logic: If there are conditions that you’d like to automatically accept or decline a potential guest, or fields that you’d like to reveal based on answers, you can provide this here
  • Show Categories: A set of categories that apply to your podcast–this is picked from a big dropdown of podcasts that you would like to attract guests for–choose as many as you’d like!
  • Links: Links to everywhere your show is featured, with an icon for each channel (e.g.: Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart, etc.)
  • Embeddable Video: An optional video that you record (hosted for example on Youtube or Loom) where you introduce yourself and help a host put a face and a voice to your name. We embed this right in the listing in a good spot.
  • Scheduling Next Step: Upon accepting a prospective guest, our system will immediately send them a way to get scheduled on your show OR make an introductory email between the two of you.
  • Decline Next Step: If it turns out this prospective guest isn’t a great fit, we’ll let them down easy, using verbiage that you’ve approved of (but still showing them options of other shows they could be on!) You come out tactful but looking great.

Also included is one change per month for any one of the sections mentioned above. Your change quota does roll over from month to month.

Your Show Listing page gives you a high-tech and high-touch way to interface with potential guests, streamline the application and scheduling process, and keep the heavy lifting off of you. Simply let people know where to sign up, and we handle the rest.

Additionally, we will include you in our Facebook Group specifically for clients, guests, hosts and others that are a part of the growing family. We use this as a way to also get guests on the right shows, along with providing key content, some of which is helpful to you as a host.

Finally, we include you as a Featured Host in our outreach, and let our growing network know that you’re looking for guests. You should enjoy a growing number of guests being on your show soon enough!

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