Guest Listing – Yearly

$250.00 / year



Guest Listing – Yearly Package

Are you looking to be on more podcasts?
Do you want more visibility for your personal or business brand by appearing on more shows?
Would you simply love a great conversation with someone else?

If so, you’re on the right track.

This service is all about getting you listed on our Guests page so that hosts can easily see what you’re all about, and have a secure way to reach out to you to have you on their show.

This service includes a full-featured guest bio with the following sections:

  • Headshot: A custom headshot of your choice to be featured on your page and on the Guests page itself
  • Title: Your official Title or Role that you want to be known for
  • Summary: A short one-paragraph summary describing your background
  • Bio: A detailed bio about yourself to supplement the Summary
  • Topics: A set of topics that you are knowledgeable on and can speak to on a podcast
  • Questions: A set of questions that a host can refer to that you can easily answer. You can have as many as you’d like!
  • Desired Categories: A set of categories of podcasts that you would like to guest on–choose as many as you’d like!
  • Links: A set of links, such as a website, a course, a book, accolades, or even appearances on other podcasts
  • Embeddable Video: An optional video that you record (hosted for example on Youtube or Loom) where you introduce yourself and help a host put a face and a voice to your name. We embed this right in the guest listing.

Also included is one change per month for any one of the sections mentioned above. Your change quota does roll over from month to month.

At the bottom of your Guest Page is a secure way for a host to reach out to you about having you on their show. We don’t put your contact info directly on the page, keeping your email private.

Additionally, we will include you in our Facebook Group specifically for clients, guests, hosts and others that are a part of the growing family. We use this as a way to also get guests on the right shows, along with providing key content, some of which is helpful to you as a guest.

Finally, we include you as a Featured Guest in our outreach, and let our growing network of podcast hosts know that you’re looking to be interviewed. You should enjoy a growing number of opportunities to be featured on more shows soon enough!

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