Our Process

How We Do It

We start by learning a TON about your business, your ideal clientele, your goals and your methods. Then we build a podcast that fits right into your current process.

From show collateral, marketing materials, music, graphics, format, editing, publishing and promoting, we handle every aspect of the process. Even finding and screening guests for you.

And you don’t even have to travel to a studio.

How the Process Works

The only thing you need to worry about is having awesome conversations. We take care of the rest.

Discovery Call: You tell us about your business, goals and clientele

Proposal: We’ll come back with how we’d build out your podcast, from A to Z, designed to bring you more business.

Acceptance: Sound good? Let’s get started.

Build Show: We set up the show online for you

Intake Forms: We set up an intake form for guests to apply easily.

Guest Outreach: We reach out to a bunch of networks to attract guests to come apply.

Accept or Reject: We create ways for you to easily screen or accept applicants at the push of a button

Scheduling: Accepted applicants schedule on your scheduling page (which we also set up for you)

Interview: You do the show with your new guest.

Upload: You upload the recording to an easy-to-use Upload page we create just for you.

Editing: We edit the episode according to the requirements in the plan.

Publishing: We publish the show on the predetermined schedule that was in the plan.

Socialize: We create social media posts with custom 30-second teasers designed to attract listeners, sharing them on your network AND with the guest’s network (huge listenership boost)


You enjoy your growing group of listeners, fans, and eventually clients.

We take care of everything in the podcasting process so that you don’t have to.

If you’d like to get started with the part way up at the top there, simply…