Peter Paul Parker


Peter Paul Parker is a Dahn Master in the mind-body-spirit arena, a musician and sound healer. He works with both the energy and physical body. Peter is a Ki Gong champion, winning the international competition with the British Team in Korea in 2016. Peter runs a successful coaching business achieving amazing results with highly sensitive people and empaths using the Dream Method. He has set up a local charity called Brighter Living helping the elderly with their health and well-being using Ki Gong and meditation. Peter has also worked with schools locally, helping students connect with themselves. Peter has launched the Bright Beings Academy online internationally, which incorporates everything that he does to empower people to reach their full potential as human beings. Peter’s motto is ‘Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards’.


  • Consciousness
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Sound and sound healing
  • Ki Gong
  • The energy body
  • Spirituality


  • Why do we need a raise in consciousness in humanity?
  • Why is the world so bad?
  • What is Ki Gong? (Qi Gong)
  • Why doesn’t meditation work for me?
  • What is sound healing?
  • Why does sound healing work?
  • Why sound is going to be the medicine of the future?
  • Why has there been a rise in popularity of mindfulness?
  • What is your energy body?
  • Why is looking after your energy body just as important as looking after your physical body?

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