Nanette Miner


Dr. Nanette Miner is a leadership development and workplace-learning strategy consultant. Through her firm, The Training Doctor, she has revolutionized the way that individuals are prepared for leadership roles in their organizations. Rather than a chosen few, her process is aimed at ensuring everyone in the company has the skills and business acumen of a leader. This approach ensures both immediate and long-term return-on-investment (ROI) for an organization.

She has written for or been featured in Chief Learning Office magazine, Forbes, and Business News Daily and is a frequent guest on workplace training and career podcasts and talk radio such as Inc. Radio and America’s Workforce Radio.

Nanette regularly speaks at industry conferences and corporate learning events on how to integrate leadership capabilities throughout an organization. An author of eight books, her most recent is Future-Proofing Your Organization.

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  • What is “wrong” with the way we’ve been doing leadership development in the workplace for the past xx decades?
  • What are the benefits of teaching leadership skills to everyone in an organization?
  • Why do we call these “leadership skills”?
  • What are some easy (and preferably cost-free) ways to begin to teach leadership skills / a leadership way of thinking?
  • Is anyone capable of being a leader (in an organization)?
  • What are your top 3 ways to develop leadership skills?
  • What’s the difference between “training” and “development”?
  • How can we ingrain professional development in an organization?

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