Mission. Vision. Values.

When we started the podcastify.me journey, we didn’t realize we were at the helm of something big.

Now that we do? We’re all in.

Realistically, the work we’re doing can help millions of people.

Each of our clients have the unique spark to help others struggling in areas that our clients have too. And our clients have come through stronger, and ready to share how they succeeded.

We’re there to help them get that message, that hope, and that love, out at scale.

That doesn’t happen without Mission, Vision and Values.

Here are ours.

Our Mission

Our mission is to impact millions of lives for good. But we know we can’t do it ourselves.

That’s why we partner with people who also have that same spark to serve others.

Those people are usually called Coaches, Advisors or Consultants. They’re the kind of people who help others stand on their own.

They’re the kind of people who’ve gone through some tough stuff in their lives or careers, and want to share with people to prevent the same tough stuff happening for others.

Every Coach can directly impact dozens of lives per month in the form of those people guesting on their podcast.

And hundreds more can be impacted as listeners hear the great advice given.

We may never meet everyone who we’ve impacted by the work we do.

But just like a rock thrown into a pond eventually ripples out to the entire pond, every person we choose to work with is part of that ripple effect.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness. And it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Our Vision

The First Wave of podcasting started with people coming from the broadcasting background. People that already had studios, equipment and experience. For them, it was a small step to get into podcasting.

The Second Wave of podcasting came later–with people who saw the podcasting medium as a great way to get new content out. Combined with social media, podcasts really took off and got a massive foothold.

We’re now entering the Third Wave of podcasting.

This Third Wave version of the podcasting world is for people who understand that a podcast is more than just a new way to get out there. And they know it’s more than simply content.

Much, much more.

The podcast has become an amazing way to touch the hearts, minds and lives of hundreds, thousands and even millions of people.

Our vision for podcasting is to make it as easy as possible to people to embrace the Third Wave of podcasting, by simplifying the onboarding, editing, publishing and promotion process. At every point, our vision is to help each client reach a huge audience, before they even realize they’re way ahead of the curve of people still operating in the Second Wave mindset.

Our Values

Our values can really be summed up with one single value: responsiveness.

Simply put, we pride ourselves on responding quickly. And when it comes to adding to our team, we look for people to come alongside and be really responsive.

We’re careful to have the correct kind of responsiveness though. We’re not chaotic or reactive. We’re diligent and deliberate.

You can think of us as a team of operators, expertly performing a secret mission, each aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the rest of the team, and able to skillfully move past any obstacles that stand in the way of success.

At every point, we communicate openly. We solicit feedback and act on it. And every move and decision we make is all geared to constantly keep providing awesome service to our clients.

With that comes a necessary amount of autonomy. We strive for a unified approach where everybody can freely share ideas, and act without burdensome red tape. If we’re not moving as fast as we or the clients feel like we should, we adjust the process and improve.

You can be assured that you have a team dedicated to your success. And we’ll be growing and improving right alongside you.