Michelle Harris


Michelle Harris has over 25 years of leadership experience with more than half of that time spent at an executive level in high-growth, private equity backed companies. She founded Bosstrack to provide women, new to leadership roles, with the development, support and mentorship she found lacking for new leaders.

Her niche is building high performing teams – she is passionate about developing people and shaping her teams to produce results and grow in their roles.

Often little thought is given to the new tools and perspectives needed to lead and, as a result, new leaders are expected to just “figure things out”. Bosstrack was developed to fill this gap. She has led her teams through financial reorganizations, acquisitions and multi-billion dollar private equity sales. She is

excited to bring this opportunity to new women leaders!

Michelle was a single mom at the age of 19 who took a small break from college to adjust and then moved back to the Philadelphia area to finish college independently with her 1 ½ year old son.

Her determination and resilience along with her passion for continuous learning is a big factor in her rise in leadership so early. When not working to empower women leaders, you can find Michelle in the water, in a photography studio or at a new restaurant. She enjoys photography, scuba diving, free diving, enjoying food and wine and exploring new places. She is a mom to two and wife of a former Marine.

Michelle is also the host of the podcast Her Hype Squad with Bosstrack.


  • Signature program – our Authentic Leader Model
  • Building trust as a new leader and what that means to you
  • What it takes to be a high-impact, authentic leader
  • How radical and transparent communication is critical to your team


  • What is the Authentic Leader Model?
  • How can a new leader build trust with their team?
  • What is your perspective on the relationship between wellness and being a leader today?
  • What is your personal approach to navigating wellness and leadership?
  • Work-life balance is thrown around a lot, what does work-life balance mean to you relative to today’s women leaders?
  • In understanding the history of women in professional spaces and how much it’s changed over the past few decades, what do you think are the most important challenges for women in today’s professional environment?
  • What should a new leader focus on in their first few weeks as a leader?
  • What benefits do women gain from networking and relationship building? What do you recommend as first steps to get started?

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