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Hey thanks for your interest in guesting on The Longer Game. I’m Michael Maher, and back when I started this show, I wanted it to be a place for people in the retail space to share the insights they’ve learned. It’s become that, and a whole lot more.

Retail’s evolving all the time, and there are definitely things that people can learn about so they can get ahead of the curve. The faster we can all adapt, the better off we’ll all be.

To guest on the show, we have an application process. We not only want to find out all about you, but also your socials so that if we have you on, we have everything we need to direct listenership over to you once the show airs.

As soon as the application is filled out, our team will check it out and then come back with next steps.

p.s.: please be sure to check Spam for emails from me or the team

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