Lois Hollis RN BSN REV


Lois Hollis, RN BSN REV, shifts our opinion on one of the most forbidden subjects, shame and guilt. Depression, anxiety, 30 years of migraine headaches, and pain were Lois’ life until she learned the dangers of shame guilt (not shame and guilt.) She shares her 15 years’ experience as a Shame Guilt Educator, Counselor, Filmmaker, and author to offer health and spiritual maturity.

Lois entered the health field as a Nurse’s Aide at 12 and continues today at 78. As a trailblazer, she developed one of the first Kidney Hemodialysis centers in the USA. Today, she establishes shame guilt as an independent study. Lois lectured widely including the Wharton School at Univ. of Penn. Her I’m good films make shame guilt visible so we can understand its trickery and make friends with our inner critic. She is the author of three books and podcasts. “Now is The Time,” a collection of her soul readings, helps us stop the negative shame guilt energy.


  • Why are shame and guilt the most dangerous conditions for our health?
  • Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business.
  • How to release the shame guilt in traumas.
  • How to identify, release, avoid shame guilt behaviors to live in success.
  • Food Guilt.
  • How to have better relationships.
  • How to make friends with your inner critic?


  • How does shame guilt impact our lives?
  • Why is my definition of shame and guilt different?
  • Why is it necessary to identify, release, and avoid shame-guilt behaviors to have healing, health, and success?
  • How did you discover a NEW way to eliminate shame and guilt?
  • How do you release the shame and guilt in your life?

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