List Your Podcast

If you have a show and you’re looking for guests, we’d be happy to help you find some for free!

Our network is growing with people who have amazing stories to tell, or wisdom to share. We’d love to match them up with your show, quickly and easily.

Hope to see you pop up in our system soon!

Fritz – Founder of

(p.s.: below the form is an explanation of how our system works)

How the system works

When your Basic Show Listing is complete, it will have the show art, title and description on its own page. That page will also have a form for people to fill out the following questions:

  • Their name
  • Their email
  • Their bio
  • Their headshot
  • What they’d like to cover on the show

What will happen is: you’ll get an email where you can easily accept them as a guest, based on the info they’ve provided, and our system will send them your Scheduling Link (Calendly, Hubspot, etc.) so that they can get scheduled on your show.

Here’s the really important part: Your email and scheduling link stay secure until you approve a guest. We don’t dangle it out there for everybody to see. Your info is secure and you enjoy more qualified guests at the push of a button. Simple.

Ok, what’s the angle here?

At the end of the day, yes we’re a podcasting business. So the angle is: we want to direct a TON of traffic to our site.

With so many people wanting to guest on shows, providing a list of excellent podcasts for them to guest on will give them a reason to stop by. Some of them will become clients.

But we also love podcasters–and this is a great win-win way for us to succeed, and for you to have some awesome guests coming your way. This is our way of giving back to the podcasting community at large, and we’re happy to serve.

*Why Gmail?

We’ve tested this across a lot of email providers, and it looks like Gmail is the only provider that 100% receives messages from this site.

Outlook seems to always “eat” our messages. They don’t show up in the Inbox, and they don’t show up in Spam. They just… don’t show up.

Across those two major email providers, Gmail’s the most reliable. If you have a Gmail address you can use, even a throwaway one, please consider using it.