Kim Kristensen


  • I help people get unstuck.
  • Spent 24 years as a circus performer doing acrobatics, trick riding, training horses and leopards, and as an aerialist with no nets or safety devices.
  • Traveled extensively through 49 states (missed Alaska), most of Canada, Mexico, and Denmark.
  • Did somersaults on the back of a galloping horse almost daily between ages 14 – 18.
  • Spent 4 days alone in the wilderness on a mountain top (Mount Rogers) with no food and minimal shelter.
  • Spent 4 days being initiated and challenged by a group of powerful women at the Noble Man workshop.
  • Sat with shamans in the Upper Amazon in Peru and participated in Ayahuasca healing rituals.
  • Went through a men’s initiation weekend in 2004.
  • Bitten through the right arm by a young leopard, charged by an enraged female elephant, and met Mae West in San Francisco. But not all on the same day.


  • Conflict: How to WIN Every Time! Tired of losing at conflict? Do you want to walk away with a feeling of victory? Through interactive discussion, movement, conflict “games”, and role play we will explore and experience various Conflict Resolution techniques for a guaranteed WIN!
  • Practical Conflict Resolution: 8 hr. prerequisite for Basic Mediation.
  • Basic Mediation: 16 hr./2-day workshop towards becoming a Virginia Certified Mediator.
  • Assertive Communication Skills – How to Speak your Truth Respectfully & Professionally: How to speak up, ask for what you want, and change your life. Do you let others get their way because you are reluctant to speak up? Do you speak up too quickly and end up being accused of being aggressive? This workshop will help you develop sure-fire techniques to ask for what you want in a respectful and clear manner.
  • Deep Listening Skills – Becoming a Better Listener: Being an effective employee, manager, parent, spouse, friend, or even human requires being able to really hear what the other person is saying. Deep listening skills can help you connect with and influence others in a positive and productive way
  • Your Brain on Conflict – Brain Based Conflict Resolution Techniques: Have you ever been unsuccessful at communicating with or calming an upset person? Have you ever been at loss for words or effective strategies during a conflict? This workshop uses some basic principles of neuropsychology to present a model for understanding the behaviors of people and for calming and connecting with them so communication can be more effective.
  • Managing Conflict, Teams, and Agreements: Find the skill and courage to handle interpersonal conflict in teams through managing agreements. This workshop will explore ways to limit or prevent unintended negative outcomes by handling conflict and agreements in a more productive and courageous way.
  • An Introduction to Conflict Coaching – “Mediation for One”: Through actual coaching and interactive presentation, this training helps prepare participants for coaching conflict situations. Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one, forward-looking, and empowering process intended to help a person be more effective in handling conflict in their lives. The focus is on helping the person make behavioral changes that result in less destructive conflict and more constructive outcomes.
  • Dealing with Difficult People – A Different Approach: How to remain calm, diffuse anger, and deal with strong personalities. This workshop gives you personal insights plus communication and coping skills to deal with those difficult people in your life in a respectful and appropriate manner.
  • Mediating Difficult Conversations: How to communicate with others in difficult and conflict situations. What to say and how to say it, when you don’t want to say it. Participants will leave with a “cheat sheet” of proven techniques to help make those difficult conversations less difficult.
  • Somatic Conflict Resolution – Using the Body’s Wisdom for Personal Breakthroughs: The Body never lies! The participant will experience various evidence-based somatic (body-based) strategies for increasing awareness and connection. These techniques can be used effectively with clients, employees, and even friends and family for better understanding, connection, and cooperation.
  • Basic Conflict Resolution & Mediation: This workshop introduces you to a variety of Conflict Resolution theories and techniques. You gain new tools in Conflict Resolution and Mediation through various activities, exercises, and role plays.
  • Living Within Your Window of Tolerance – Regulating Your Emotions, Calming Your Body, & Reducing Anxiety: You will experience using the “Window of Tolerance” and related techniques to help you not only regulate your own nervous system but also the nervous systems of others.
  • Customer Service – The most important thing you will do all day: We often think of customer service being applied to the retail environment. However, we all have customers and we all are customers to someone. Through interactive presentation and discussion, this training will describe and elicit various ways to offer better internal and external customer service and also be the best customer to others.
  • Yes, There IS an “I” in Team: Failing to recognize the individuality of members in a team can cause conflict. Make those “I’s” become “We’s”. Learn why there’s no such thing as team conflict, how to recognize and build on individual strengths, and how to make your team’s collaborative efforts more successful.
  • Delegating Effectively and with Purpose: Participants will explore why you should delegate, what you should delegate, when you should delegate, when you shouldn’t delegate, and to whom you should (or shouldn’t) delegate.
  • Conflict Resolution Games – How Games & Play can teach us how to get along: You will experience various games & activities that illustrate fundamental conflict resolution principles and techniques.For adults and teens.
  • Stress Can’t Kill You! This interactive presentation will offer several powerful ways to reframe stress and better deal with, maybe even capitalize on, everyday stress. By the end of the presentation, the audience will have new insights plus several powerful tools to help reduce and control the stress in their lives.
  • De-Escalation Techniques: How to use various verbal and somatic (body-oriented) techniques to help de-escalate typical conflict situations.
  • Trauma-Informed Conflict Resolution: Using Trauma-Informed knowledge and processes to help decrease, mediate, and even prevent conflict.


  • How can you avoid conflicts?
  • How do you de-escalate someone who is upset?
  • How can you win a conflict every time?
  • How do you say “no”?
  • How can you be assertive without becoming an asshole?
  • How can you have that “difficult conversation” with someone?
  • How do you calm yourself, reduce anxiety, and de-stress?
  • Why does your team have disagreements?
  • What is Conflict Coaching?
  • How do you deal with difficult people?

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