Kelli Risse


Kelli Risse works with over-scheduled and overstressed entrepreneurs, business owners and high-performing professionals to get back 10-20 hours per week and navigate stress so they can be focused, productive and hit the next level of success.

Kelli is the founder and CEO of Rise Up and Live Wellness. She is a contributing author in the Amazon International Best Seller Fearless and Fabulous and the podcast host of “Winning In Business.”

She is a master coach in the Advanced Transformational Coaching Method, as well as a master Neuro-Linguistic Programing practitioner and master TimeLine Therapy practitioner.

Through her speaking engagements and private coaching business, Kelli has helped hundreds of people get back time into their day to do more of what they love, navigate stress and avoid burnout, and move to the next level of success.


  • Stress Management
  • Stress Personalities
  • Anything related to stress and how it affects our career, health, and relationships
  • Mindset blocks and the unconscious mind


  • What led you to becoming a stress-management coach?
  • How does stress affect our performance and health?
  • What are some big common stressors you see in your clientele?
  • What are Stress Personalities?
  • What are some ways our listeners can improve their stress?
  • When should people get help with stress?

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