Find Your Flock with Heather Swan

Show Description

Did you choose your current career or job because you were told you would make a lot of money or have respect? Every day you enter your workplace, does it feel like you are a fake? Or maybe you chose this

position because you just needed someone to say yes to you!

Many of us make choices for reasons that have nothing to do with what we love or feel confident in doing. And none of you are alone!

A team takes many players, and sometimes we have trouble knowing our role. Sometimes we feel like we are an imposter in the game and we will be labeled a fraud.

If this sounds like you, then let’s chat!

My name is Heather Swan, and I help people overcome this feeling of Impostor Syndrome, and unblock peoples’ careers so they can confidently go after the roles and work that they know in their hearts they’re not just suitable, but absolutely GREAT at.

Whether you’re a guest or a listener to this show, you’ll be coming away with some powerful tips that will help your career. The kind of tips that don’t make you go, “Why am I only just now learning this?” but instead, say, “I got here right on time.”

Welcome to Find Your Flock with Heather Swan. Let’s see what change we can make happen.