Eric Sentell


I self-published “How to Write an Essay like an Equation: Write Better, Faster, Easier” and “Become Your Own Fact-Checker: Know Who’s Misleading and Manipulating You.” I use my PhD in English to teach writing and rhetoric at a public university. I blog about religion, politics, and life lessons on Medium, where I am up to 2300+ followers, about 100K views, and counting. I produce and host the podcast, Metamorphosis, for Trinity UMC in Piedmont, MO.


  • Religion
  • Christianity
  • Politics
  • Rhetoric
  • Writing
  • Podcasting
  • Current Events


  • What is “faith deconstruction”?
  • How can one best deconstruct and reconstruct faith?
  • How do you make sense of the Bible post-deconstruction?
  • How do you make sense of Church tradition or doctrine post-deconstruction?
  • How do you navigate political disagreements with friends or family?
  • What’s going on with U.S. politics right now?
  • What are the rhetorical strategies used by X?
  • How can we use rhetoric to persuade people?
  • What strategies help you write better?
  • What strategies help you as a podcaster?

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