Derek Rowe


Some facts about me

I grew up on a farm. My father taught me what hard work is all about and I’m very grateful for the lessons, I love soccer and I’m a huge Liverpool supporter..

I was expelled from school at 14. Over the next 2 years I was in and out of different schools, I have no formal education from school.

I was infatuated with drug dealers since I was a young boy. The Reality of my life was, I didn’t like myself so I created a persona. I loved the hard work on my father’s farm, I was good at it but by the time I was 18, I could make way more from drugs I chose easy over hard.

At 21, I bought a house and left full time work to become an armchair drug dealer, using my phone to set all the deals up… I consumed cocaine most days as I was so unhappy with my life It looked like I had everything, flashy cars, clothes , money but on the inside, I had nothing..

I got to travel the world on vacations every few months in my twenties, thinking that would make me happy, it didn’t. Most days I had thoughts of suicide I lost everything by age 29 from gambling. I checked in to a treatment center for 10 months. By age 31 I was operating a successful personal training gym.

I went back taking cocaine. At age 32 I had my beautiful boy Leon. My self sabotage pattern was to build something successful, then destroy it on repeat over the next few years.. I was still unhappy everyday, until I met someone who changed my life at age 36, my mentor and now a close friend and confidante.

It has taken 3 years of hard work to start operating consistently at a decent level, especially mentally. I can’t express how important it is to invest in yourself, and invest into people who can open your eyes to the possibility of life’s offerings… I’m now 39 and becoming the man I know I can be, and always wanted to be. I have and will continue to lead and guide people to transforming their lives, through my skills and valuable life experience..

Life experience is so valuable. I have a PHD in it without the papers. Never give up; use your adversities to your advantage. The day will come when you can share your story and not be ashamed of your past. Use it with the best intentions to lead others in a positive way..

I always thought my life was over but now realise it’s only the beginning. Start your journey with an honest review of your life, it’s a good starting place. Build on it from there, failure is your biggest opportunity to keep going until you succeed. If I can do it, so can you…

We all have our own unique experiences. Life’s lessons may be harsh or maybe they are a test to see what we are made of. It takes some of us many years to realize we are worth more than how we think, speak, and operate in the world. Those who know they are destined for more will win eventually.

Have faith, you will succeed.


  • Empowering people. to transform their mind through mental fitness
  • Empowering people to use Training and Nutrition methods to experience themselves in their best shape.
  • Drug dealing and crime
  • Family life
  • The power of using social media to expand your business.


  • Tell them how your life story can inspire others to transform their lives.
  • How do your methods and principles change lives?
  • How do you effectively set goals and achieve them

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