Art Snarzyk


Behavioral Analyst, Expert Profiler, Hiring and Business Coach, Individual Development

Art Snarzyk is known as “The Turnover Terminator” for his unique way of helping business owners and managers hire and manage only ideal, top-performing staff. The Small Business Monthly named him one of the “Top 100 St. Louisans You Should Know To Succeed In Business”.

In management and hiring since 1996 and owner of a successful painting company for 9 years, Art knows first-hand the hassle, expense, and headache of trying to hire and develop quality employees. His goal is to help managers and business owners become better versions of themselves and help them find workers who naturally fit their work.

Snarzyk’s consulting company, InnerView Advisors works with contractors and professional service businesses worldwide. Clients hire him to become better at attracting, hiring, and retaining great employees who fit their unique companies and help them overcome growth challenges.

InnerView Advisors also supports businesses with teamwork, internal & external communication issues, and supporting salespeople with predicting their potential clients’ behaviors.

More personally, InnerView Advisors helps individuals with relationships, families with communication, and youth who are deciding on their career paths.

Art’s personal mission is three-fold; to help others understand themselves at an earlier age than he did, show them how to be okay with that version of person, and guide them to careers and lives that feel like a natural fit.


  • Behavioral Profiles
  • Hiring
  • Management
  • Team-building
  • Sales
  • Couples
  • Career Choices


  • Who am I?
  • What should I do with my life?
  • Am I on the right track?
  • How can I hire better employees?
  • How can I read and understand others better and faster?
  • Am I with the right person/people?
  • How can I improve?

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