Alvaro Sandoval


Alvaro has been in the Audio Video design space since 2012 and has worked with businesses in a variety of sizes and markets. Currently serving as Marketing Director for the largest home automation design firm in the Palm Springs area, while also acting as a consultant for home automation firms in the Chicago, Denver, and LA areas, and even being on the board of two mission-driven startups.. it seems that he does everything he can to help business owners and communities around the world to increase their own impact. Coming in to the home design technology space with an existing AV marketing background is a rarity in the industry, so today we’re going to ask him a few questions to better understand common issues with the way Audio/Video, lighting design, interior designs, architectural and other design firms typically try to build out their sales and marketing systems.


  • How to move from “order taker” to trusted designer, without trying to be a social media influencer and without having to hire on an internal marketing team.
  • The disconnect between luxury AV firms and the client experience they’re providing. (Selling high ticket items alone does not make a business “luxury” level.)


  • What is the most overlooked piece of the marketing puzzle that, if business owners did this, it would make the most results in the shortest amount of time?
  • You’ve been able to simplify marketing from being this expensive and difficult process to something simple, that doesn’t require a huge budget, but that is still very effective. Can you tell us more about what makes up your specific system and shed some light on the marketing strategy you use for your clients?

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